Giving Something Back

Okay, so it probably won’t be a lot that I give back, but I’m about to try.

When I first started out writing, I found it hard to pick my way through all the trials and tribulations that a first time writer is faced with. That’s not to say there isn’t stuff out there, there’s an absolute wealth of material, but there wasn’t anything that spoke to me.

I get asked a lot of things about my books, but perhaps the most common question is, how easy is it to publish a book yourself? My answer is always that if I can do it, anyone idiot can. Therefore, this idiot wants to try and help other idiots publish their books, hopefully with a little more success than I have, although that’s not to say I haven’t hit the year one targets I set myself.

So starting later this week, there’s going to be a vlog. The Idiots Guide To Self Publishing, by An Idiot. (Aka: The Regulators: Deadline – Behind The Scenes.)

I hope it’s enlightening to people, I hope people find it enjoyable. You’ll be able to find it on this site in the very near future.


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