After a number of years working in TV, and honing his skills in narrative construct, 2017 sees the launch of Ben Bruce’s debut novel, the crime thriller The Regulators.

Set in modern day London, it follows the tale of a well funded team of vigilantes, who are tasked with ensuring that those within power don’t overreach their mandate. Yet when an assassin appears on the streets of London, and begins targeting politicians, it’s only a matter of time before the stakes grow, and the threat extends well beyond anyone’s greatest fear.

Less than a year later, the sequel, The Regulators: Shadow Of Malice was released. This time the action moved to Yorkshire, where the appearance of a small boy who claims he was abused by a powerful paedophile gang, brings The Regulators into town and uncovers a plot that reaches to the highest levels of the British system.

In 2020, the final book of the first tranche of Regulators books, Regulators: Deadline will be released. A short story is slated for a summer release to bridge the gap between Shadow of Malice and Deadline.

You can get hold of him via info@benbruce.co.uk, or join his mailing list, here.

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