Shadow of Malice has reached the semi finals of the Adventure Writer’s Competition 2019, placing it in the top ten adventure books decided by the judging panel at the Clive Cussler Society.

The competition is for the prestigious Clive Cussler Grandmaster Award, which will be awarded this October at the Clive Cussler Collectors Convention in Phoenix, Arizona on October 12th. The winner receives a prize fund of $1,000 plus all finalists recieve the opportunity to be considered for publishing by Stealth Books. The winner will be chosen by Dirk Cussler, an author himself, and son of Clive Cussler.

This is a fantastic acknowledgement of the hard work that went into Shadow of Malice, and I’m absolutely thrilled to make the top ten of an international competition. Clive Cussler’s books were something that my dad introduced me to as a younger reader and I loved them, so to be in anyway linked with this award is as humbling as it is exciting.

I’d like to thank the judges who’ve put the book on this platform, and I’m looking forward to hearing who gets to progress to the final. I would also like to wish all my fellow semi-finalists the best of luck, and congratulate them on their novels.

The full list of semi-finalists is below, and a final shortlist of three will be revealed in August.

  • Blue Fire by Katherine Prairie
  • Cave Diver by Jacob Avila
  • The Hurricane’s Eye by Anthony Farlow
  • The Mind of God by Bevan Frank
  • Raptor Canyon by Andy W. Baldwin
  • The Regulators: Shadow of Malice by Ben Bruce
  • The Sail by Landon Beach
  • The Search for the Fountain of Youth by Caleb Wygal
  • Sky Branch Seoul by Ted Wesenberg
  • Treasure Fever by James B. McPike

More information about the awards can be found here.